Governor signs budget bill into law


Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has signed Bill 186-35 into Public Law 35-36, thereby approving the fiscal year (FY) 2020 budget.

In signing the bill, the governor said that the budget bill she signed is much more practicable than the first iteration of Bill 186-35.

The governor said some key initiatives in the FY 2020 executive budget request were maintained, but funding levels for some were reduced. Nevertheless, the governor said her administration is willing “in good faith” to work within the limits of the FY 2020 budget.

According to Adelup, the key proposals maintained in the budget are the following:

• Reviving the Rainy Day Fund to reduce the deficit and save for emergencies
• Funding for recruitment of law enforcement officers
• Funding for a tax attorney to continue collection of taxes
• Funding for the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center inpatient detox
• Funding for the Guam Autism Center
• Funding for the renovation of Simon Sanchez High School
• Authorization for a Competitive Wage Act study
• Authorization for the Department of Revenue and Taxation’s Real Property Tax
Triennial Assessment
• Appropriation for the Medical Cannabis Program
• Reinstatement of employee increments

According to the governor, the past eight months of her administration should show the Legislature that her administration will be able to accomplish its goals even with the cuts to the executive budget.

“When we do, I hope that the accusatory and political rhetoric will finally take a back seat to a collaborative environment. And hopefully a year from now, the Legislature will trust that just as it has done its duty to appropriate funds, I will do mine to govern,” the governor said in her transmittal letter.