Governor Signs Chemical Castration Bill Into Law


Governor Eddie Calvo signed Bill 99 into law requiring the Department of Corrections to create a chemical castration program for convicted sex offenders who are eligible for parole. 

NEWS: Governor signs Bill 99 to better protect our community

The Governor has signed Bill 99 into public law 33-67. This bill will help protect women, children and men from sexual predators.

“Sex crimes, particularly those that target some of our most vulnerable, are an abhorrent act. After murder, violating our women and children is the worst crime you can commit,” Governor Calvo stated.

Bill 99 requires the Department of Corrections to create a program that screens and refers convicted sex offenders before they are released on parole, or on post-prison supervision. The purpose of the program is to reduce their ability to risk of hurting someone else while they are out on the street by administering a hormone or anti-androgen treatment that will reduce the sex drive.

“I know there are concerns with this legislation but the bottom line is we now have a new tool that can help us protect our community,” the Governor stated. “Too many times we forget the victims who have to live with the nightmare of being violated. I signed this bill into law because if I can prevent even one person from being violated then I have done my job.”

One of the concerns was the cost of creating and implementing such a program. On the other side of that is the cost of housing people convicted of criminal sexual conduct.

“This legislation is not a panacea but it is one more thing we can do to keep our public safe,” the governor added.