Governor Signs His Last Budget Bill into Law


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho signed his final budget bill into law and he has also approved a bill amending Guam EPA’s pesticide regulations.

The $720 million dollar spending measure appropriates $535 million for GovGuam Operations. The remaining $185 million must go towards paying GovGuam existing debt and for tax refunds.

The budget bill is now Public Law 30-196, it was signed on Wednesday.

According to a release,  Governor Camacho commended the Legislature’s Committee on Appropriations for “passing a balanced budget ahead of the statutory deadline of August 31.”  He said the budget “is a testament of months of collaborative constructive engagement between branches.”

Camacho called the budget bill  a “sound” and “responsible” piece of legislation. Adding that “it provides for a conservative and realistic revenue projection, a spending plan that mirrors current levels, and it prioritizes the government’s financial and human resources towards addressing its longstanding structural imbalance and deficit situation.”

In addition to the budget bill, the Governor signed Substitute Bill No. 441-30, now Public 30-197. The measure amends a section of the Guam Code Annotated relative to the Guam Environmental Protection Agency’s pesticide regulations.