Governor Signs New Fuel Standard Into Law


Guam – There is a new standard for diesel fuel on Guam.

Governor Felix Camacho Saturday signed a bill into law that makes ultra low sulfur diesel the legal standard on Guam.  Ultra-low sulfur diesel has already been the standard for most of the U.S. for four years.

“So Guam is now coming on board,” said Senator Telo Taitague the author of the bill. 

“I would like to thank the Governor who is an advocate for the environment,” Taitague said calling the signing of the bill a milestone for Guam.  The Senator said the bill will also help local companies win contracts to support the Military Buildup.

“The Department of Defense requires that anyone doing contracts or awarded contracts is required to use the low sulfur diesel not high sulfur diesel in their vehicles.”

 Under the new law the importation of diesel fuel that does not meet the ultra low sulfur diesel standard will cease beginning in January of 2011.