Governor signs one bill into law; vetoes two others

(PNC file photo)

Of the three bills that were introduced by Speaker Therese Terlaje that made it’s way to the Governor’s desk for signing, only one was signed into law.

Bill 10-37, now called the “Guam Opioid Overdose Prevention act of 2023,” authorizes Law Enforcement, first responders, and community organization’s access to opioid antagonists, such as Naloxone, to prevent opioid overdose, including fentanyl.

With Governor Lou Leon Guerrero saying that “we must recognize that our island is not immune to the dangers of opioid use ad addiction. As opioid addiction continues to rise in the US and as stronger opioids like Fentanyl become prevalent and threaten to reach our island.”

As such, the Governor says that the new law will provide Guam’s “first responders and community service providers with the tools they need to save the lives of individuals experiencing an opioid overdose.”

As for Bill 12-37, that bill would have required legislative approval before the governor could purchase or lease land from either federal or foreign government.

Meanwhile Bill 13-37 would make it so that the legislature is informed on any meetings, actions, and decisions surrounding the design, lease, and financing for the new medical complex.

The Governor, in her veto statement said that both bill 12 and 13, “endangers the health and well being” of the people of Guam.

With Governor Leon Guerrero further saying that bill 12 would “mire the project in politics and bureaucracy, while derailing the coordinated and careful planning by subject-matter experts from executive branch agencies.”

Further saying that bill-12-37 is “Bad for Hospital, Bad for Guam.”

PNC reached out to Speaker Terlaje for comment, who said in part, “these measures are practical and very little to require when we are looking at an over $1 billion obligation on one single project with many factors that are unknown at this time.”

And stresses that “the government must hold our federal partners, as well as our own government, to the promises of transparency, accountability and the return of excess lands.”

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