Governor signs order extending public health emergency and declaring day after Thanksgiving a holiday


Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has signed Executive Order No. 2021-30, relative to extending the public health emergency and declaring the day after Thanksgiving a public holiday.

Effective November 30, 2021, the public health emergency declaration is now scheduled to expire on December 30, 2021.

Governor Leon Guerrero and Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio also issued the following statements on their decision to declare the day after Thanksgiving a public holiday:

“In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we have been reflecting on our many blessings and the difficult year we will soon be leaving behind us. Among these blessings are our government workers, who have dedicated the best of their abilities to continue serving our people throughout this unprecedented time in the history of our island, our nation, and the world,” said Governor Leon Guerrero. “We are taking this special time on Friday to recognize the hard work of our public servants. As more of our island continues to open, we also look at this as a chance to resume a responsible return to business and as an opportunity to support the growth of our economy through direct retail sales and increased spending activity.”

“Governor Leon Guerrero and I want to thank our people for the progress we have made to date. These last two years have been especially challenging and we recognize that each of you have made so many sacrifices to keep one another safe,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. “This pandemic truly forced us to focus on what’s most important–and for many of us, it reminded us to put our families first. With the holidays here, please continue to do good for our community by celebrating safely and responsibly.”