Governor Signs School Board & Okkodo High Bills; Vetoes Parole Board Measure


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho has signed into law a bill that restructures the Guam Education Police Board and another that auhtorizes funds for the expansion of Okkodo High School.

Bill No. 413-30, now Public Law 30-182, allows the government of Guam to enter into a lease-back agreement with a chosen contractor who, through the use of Qualified School Construction Bonds, will be responsible for the long-term expansion and improvement of facilities for Okkodo High School.

“I am very excited about the proposed expansion which would include the construction of more classrooms, additional restrooms, solar panels, a culinary arts building, a track and field facility, and other projects needed to accommodate the expected increase in the student population,” said Governor Camacho. “This law will help alleviate classroom congestion for the students of northern Guahan.”

Additionally, Bill 424-30 was signed into Public Law 30-183. The new law restructures the Guam Education Board from a policy to a governing board. Public Law 30-183 further allows the Governor to appoint three board members with the remaining six to be elected by the voters. Other amendments contained within the new law address the removal of board members by consensus of other board members and not by referendum, as was previously the case.

Governor Camacho vetoed Bill 418-30, which was intended to amend §85.10, 85.14, and 85.26 of Chapter 85, Title 9 Guam Code Annotated, relative to the composition of members to the Territorial Parole Board.

“Unfortunately, Bill No. 418-30 in its current form does not limit disclosure if the information is confidential information or if there are safety considerations.  A major concern is the well-being and safety of the victims and those who speak out against a person seeking parole.  Attendees should also be screened for potential security or safety concerns. Board members will not be willing to risk their lives and continue as members if they are subjected to confrontation as the legislation states,” said Governor Camacho.

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