Governor supports increase in minimum wage

(PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero says she supports an increase in Guam’s minimum wage.

In her September monthly address, the governor said 11,000 people on Guam would benefit from a minimum wage increase.

She also says that while some members of the community have always opposed minimum wage increases, a Guam-based study measuring the impacts of the last minimum wage increase found that the Gross Domestic Product or GDP went up, the rate of inflation in the price of goods stayed generally flat, work hours weren’t lost, and most people stayed in their jobs.

“I am proud to know that Senator Joe San Agustin’s proposal to raise the minimum wage has wide support among Democrats. And because people struggling on the minimum wage belong to both parties, I know our Republican senators will follow suit,” the governor said.

The governor also notes the value of the Guam Apprenticeship Program in teaching skilled trades that have helped hundreds to become employed.

While the program is expiring in just four months, she says thanks to Senator Regine Biscoe Lee, a bill has been proposed to streamline and extend the life of this program. She says she intends to sign the measure. She also states she will support a bill that brings Worker Compensation Benefits into the 21st century.

“Let’s raise the minimum wage. Let’s keep the Guam Apprenticeship program working for a new generation of skilled labor. Let’s write and pass a worker’s compensation law fit for the 21st century; and let’s give the service charge to those who actually serve,” the governor said.

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