Governor: ‘The numbers are still looking good’


“The numbers are still looking good,” said the governor at the start of this morning’s Facebook post on the status of the fight against the coronavirus on Guam.

Guam Public Health reported just one more positive case of COVID-19 from the 34 tests that were conducted Wednesday.

That raised to 138 the number of confirmed cases that have been found among Guam’s civilian population since the crisis began.

126 people have recovered from the disease, leaving just 7 active cases of COVID-19 on island.

The governor said the recovery rate is now at 92%, and the infection rate is 12.2%. “We want to really have it below 10%,” she said.

“As a result of all these good trends,” said the governor “we are actually very much going towards the road of recovery.”

However, the governor once again emphasized the need for more “testing, testing, testing to monitor how well we are doing down the road.”

She said the results of the data collected over the next two weeks from the expanding testing program that begins Saturday in Dededo will provide her recovery team “with much more confidence” on when and how to start lifting the social distancing restrictions now in place.