Governor to anonymous Guard members: ‘Call me, but leave your name and number’

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Leon Guerrero says she cannot respond to the latest anonymous complaint letter from a purported Guam National Guard member because the letter was not signed. The name of the person who wrote it is not in the letter said the governor, and there is no contact number.

“I have no way of getting a hold of her,” said the governor during an interview this morning on NewsTalk K-57 with Patti Arroyo.

The anonymous letter is the latest in a number of unsigned letters purportedly from Guam Guard members complaining about the leadership of Adjutant General  Esther Aguigui.

The letter purports to be from a mid-level female guard member who asks for a closed-door meeting with the governor to allow her and other members of the Guard to air their grievances without fear of reprisal.

The letter writer claims she is writing on behalf of “the many soldiers who have lost their drive, motivation, and will to work” as a result of what she claims is “poor management and leadership.”

“I can’t deal with it if I don’t know who it is,” said the governor who again expressed the hope that when people write her, they would sign their letters so she can get a hold of them.

“If they call, I will speak to them,” said the governor “but they have to leave their name and number.”

The governor also defended her appointment of Esther Aguigui to lead the Guard.

“I don’t think Esther is that kind of a person,” said the governor. “She is very concerned about her soldiers.”