Governor to implement fuel voucher program to assist residents with gasoline costs

Gasoline at the pump (file photo)

The administration has announced that it will start a fuel voucher program in order to help residents cope with the increasing cost of gasoline.

In a statement, Governor Leon Guerrero said the passage of the $1.7 trillion Build Back Better Act, and its millions of dollars allocated for Guam, has enabled her to reprogram some American Rescue Plan money for use in other much-needed projects such as the fuel voucher program.

“The inclusion of funds for our Administration’s priority to construct a hospital allows me the flexibility to shift ARPA resources for programs which support ongoing recovery efforts. Given the high fuel costs, our administration is now moving forward to implement a fuel voucher program that will provide direct aid to assist residents with transportation costs as they look for employment,” Leon Guerrero said.

During her Friday news conference, the governor already announced that the cost estimate for the planned new hospital has been changed and that she plans to allot only $220 million for the project.

Originally, Adelup said it plans to allocate $300 million of American Rescue Plan funds to the new hospital.

But during Friday’s news conference, the governor said she will use only $220 million for the new hospital so that she can use some of the money for other needed programs.

“If we can build the hospital with less debt to our people and if we can use some of the AARP monies to do that. We will use that. As far as the $300 million for the hospital. We have recalculated that and now I think it’s only $220 million as we are using some of that for the other programs that we have pushed forward,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added: “My goal here is to try and borrow as little as we can to make up for the balance of and the remainder for the needed funding to build the hospital.”


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