Governor to lift more restrictions in time for the holidays if COVID rate drops


Governor Lou Leon Guerrero issued a video release today, saying that she is inclined to lift additional social gathering restrictions for the coming holidays if the island achieves a CAR score of 5 or less for the next few weeks.

The CAR Score stands for the COVID Area Risk Score. This score was used to determine the risk of travelers introducing the virus from their point of origin, and it was effective at calculating that risk.

GovGuam recently updated the CAR score to take into account the incidence of new cases; how well testing is able to identify these cases; and the rate of spread.

As of today, the governor said Guam’s CAR score is 9.8, which means that viral transmission within the community is high.

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“Under normal circumstances, we would be using this time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas, gathering with our friends and families. And, we can still celebrate holidays — it’s not impossible — if we achieve a CAR score of 5 or less for the next few weeks. Then, I will be inclined to lift additional social gathering restrictions,” the governor said in her video address.

She said this is entirely possible if everybody does their part in helping curb the spread of COVID-19 by wearing masks, practicing social distancing, being extra cautious around those not in our household, and staying home as much as possible.

But the governor said a CAR score of 5 does not mean Guam is already out of the woods. She stressed that it’s only the next step and to fully suppress COVID, Guam needs to be below a score of 2.5, where the island was for a majority of the summer.

“We all want to go back to normal. But we must be able to demonstrate with concrete actions that: We are responsible. We are accountable. We are willing to contribute to this fight. If we achieve this goal as soon as possible, and sustain it through Thanksgiving, then we can experience some semblance of normalcy during the Christmas season and beyond,” the governor said.

She added: “I am calling on each of you to Strive for Five, to maintain a CAR score of 5 or under for the next few weeks … My dear people of Guam, we all have a role to play in fighting COVID-19. And our vigilance cannot waiver. We have overcome every adversity we have been faced with and this pandemic should be no different. We can get through this together.