Governor To OK Bill Authorizing Expansion of UOG Student Center, Engineering Annex


Guam – The University of Guam has announced that Governor Felix Camacho will sign Bill 446-30 into public law on Friday at 11:00 am at the University of Guam’s Student Center Rotunda which will authorize funding for the expansion and renovation of a full service Student Services Center and the construction of a School of Engineering Annex.

The new Student Services Center facility will enable the University to fully integrate student services in one building providing improved access and service to students. The new facility will include admissions and records, financial aid, collections, the Graduate Studies office, Equal Opportunity and Americans with Disabilities Act offices, counseling, Student Government Association offices and meeting rooms, Enrollment Management and Student Services offices, the bookstore, cafeteria, student health, security offices, computer labs and technical support, and other areas that serve student needs.

“Many of these offices are located in various buildings across campus including the Field House the Business Office and the Health Sciences Building,” said UOG President Robert A. Underwood. “The new Student Services Center Building will allow us to deliver all of our services to students in one location thereby improving our customer service, streamlining our processes, and enabling students to move quickly from one office to the next as they register for classes.”

Conceptual drawings of the Student Services Center are underway and the plan is to renovate and strengthen the existing structure and then expand around it to create one integrated facility. Conceptual drawings were funded through a Department of Interior grant.  The facility is expected to cost $18M dollars and the School of Engineering Annex is expected to cost approximately $4M.

“The current Student Center is 40 years old,” added Underwood. “These new facilities will serve our community through 2050 and beyond as we strive to produce the professional class that will strengthen our community. We expect to break ground in 2011.”

The University plans to seek a 40-year low interest loan from USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Loan Program to fund construction. The loan agreement will include the re-financing of the Jesus and Eugenia Leon Guerrero School of Business and Public Administration building, with the expected savings to be utilized to lower the debt service for the new loan.  Debt service will be secured by a pledge of liquid fuel tax revenue.

Bill 446 also authorizes funding for Guam Community College to construct an extension of the Gregorio G. Perez Crime Lab Building and to renovate and harden GCC buildings 100 and 200.