Governor to Pay Owed Increments to GMH Employees


GMH Employees to Get Increments

Guam – The Governor announced this afternoon that he would be funding increments for the Guam Memorial Hospital employees.

 The Governor’s fiscal team was able to find the funding necessary to pay out some $1.8 million dollars in increments that are owed to Hospital employees for last fiscal year. GMH employees can expect these increments by next week. The Governor’s office says the administration gave GMH the $1.8 million needed for increments last year but GMH used the money to cover other expenses. Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. recently introduced a bill to pay out these increments however the administration found another way to pay them out. “Who’s not here is my fiscal team. I wish Bernie Artero was here and some of the fiscal folks because they are the ones who combed through the law and combed through the finances to find resources and they were able to find the necessary resources so that we could fund getting these increments these long past due increments to our Guam Memorial Hospital employees,” said Governor Calvo.


 GMH employees are still awaiting full implementation of their Hay recommended raises. The Governor’s office says that DOA is waiting for GMH to reconcile it’s financial information because there is a “very large difference between the amount GMH claims is needed for it’s employees and the amount DOA calculated.”