Governor Urges Lawmakers to Leave Hay Reccomended Raises Alone


Governor Says DOE Comptroller Makes $20k More Than He Does

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo is urging senators to quit playing politics and leave the Hay recommended raises for elected and appointed officials alone.


 The Governor says his stance on the Hay recommended raises for all GovGuam employees including himself the Lt. Governor cabinet members and lawmakers has remained the same. He says these raises are deserved. “We hired an actuarial company the Hay group working in collaboration with the Department of Administration’s human resources coming up with a plan dealing with elected and appointed officials classified and unclassified. I presented that plan. We endorsed it and we requested that the legislature do not tinker around with it,” said Governor Calvo.

 The Governor says that unfortunately politics has resulted in a lot of tinkering with the plan. For example he says the controller of DOE who he points out is a member of the Democratic party actually makes $20 thousand dollars more than he does but he says no one is complaining about her salary. “So I’m wondering what the motives are of the Democratic leadership and the authors of these bills and though I may disagree with tinkering with it but I also understand that I will respect the legislature with what they do within their house,” said Governor Calvo.

 The Governor is asking the legislature to leave these raises alone because they are based on the Hay plan that was not created by either himself or the legislature. In fact the Hay study was completed before he even became Governor and he delayed the implementation of all the Hay recommended raises when he first became Governor because GovGuam couldn’t afford it. Now Governor Calvo says GovGuam can afford it.

 “God bless Mr. Baynum. He is a teacher but there’s many general line workers in GovGuam agencies and directors in both classified and unclassified appointed or elected that there has not been an adjustment in 20 years. Mr. Baynum had a pay increase several years ago through a legislative action that raised teachers pay,” said Governor Calvo.

 Governor Calvo says that he’s hoping that everyone can look past the politics and look at each position and it’s responsibilities as was done by the Hay group when it was hired by GovGuam to make recommendations for GovGuams pay scale.