Governor warns of fake North Korea social media post


The message claims to come from the US Navy.

Guam – The Governor’s Office is warning the public of a fake message making the social media rounds.

The message appears to be circulating via text message and claims that North Korea will be launching their missiles on the 15th of the month. The message claims that the advisory came from a commanding officer of the US Navy.

“Familia please stay alert our CO just came down and briefed us,” the message reads. “That North Korea will be launching there [sic] missiles on the 15th of this month.”

It goes on to say, “As we speak there a about 12/15 war ships sounding are BEAUTIFUL island. So please again this is from the CO of Guam navy forces.”

The Governor’s Office says they’ve vetted the message through the Mariana Regional Fusion Center and have reached out to the US Navy.

“Unfortunately, we have seen our share of false messages like these that do nothing but stir fear in the hearts and minds of our people,” Governor Eddie Calvo stated. “We are sharing all information that we have with you because this community understands that preparation is key to being safe, and your safety is paramount to this administration.”

If you see any suspicious activity or social media posts, you can report it to local law enforcement and the MRFC online at, following the Department of Homeland Security’s campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something.” You also can call 671-475-0400 or email