Governor: ‘We are not recovering as fast as we are getting new cases’


“We are not recovering as fast as we are getting new cases,” said Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero this morning in what has become a daily video address posted on her Facebook page.

In order to overcome this pandemic, she again urged residents to stay home, wash your hands and follow proactive social distancing.

The governor also spent some time justifying her decision to allow sailors from the USS Roosevelt to quarantine for two weeks in a number of Guam hotels.

“They are asking us to help them get over this God-awful virus,” said the governor, “and when I look at what the opportunities are and the possibilities and the space I decided to say yes.”

The governor again detailed the conditions that she has set pointing out that the sailors being quarantined at the Guam hotels have all tested negative. They can not leave their rooms and military security personnel will be stationed at each hotel, she said.

“My biggest priority is the protection of our community,” said the governor. “But I also, as a moral obligation, as an ethical action, need to also help when we can help.”

“I am reassuring you that my first and foremost priority is the protection of our community and if I felt that this decision would impact in any way, I would not have made that decision,” said the governor.