Governor: ‘We will mandate trash pickup for every resident’

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero announced Tuesday that her administration will be mandating mandatory trash pickup for every resident.

The governor made the announcement during Tuesday’s Island Beautification Task Force meeting.

Leon Guerrero pointed out that addressing illegal trash was among the major planks of her campaign and illegal dumping occurs because of trash pick-up issues.

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“It’s a public health issue, and, of course, a clean environment issue. And so one of the things that we have been stressing, is that if we mandated universal collection, every household now will have the ability to get rid of their trash in an organized manner,” Leon Guerrero said.

If the government is able to do this, the governor said illegal dumping will be decreased.

“So I have been working with the Guam Solid Waste Authority and the Guam Environmental Protection Agency to continue to look at what that would mean in terms of fees, what that would mean in terms of costs, and what that would mean in terms of how much should we charge, you know, if we had an increased volume of collections,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added that the trash pickup bill can be bundled with the utility bills which is the way it’s done in mainland states.