Governors Calvo & Inos Get High Level Briefings From PACOM Commanders


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo meet with senior military leaders in Honolulu last week for a briefing from the Pacific Command on the missions of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Air Force.

Joint Region Commander Tilghman Payne invited Governor Calvo along with CNMI Governor Inos to attend the briefings.

The two Governors met with PACOM Commander, Admiral Samuel Locklear, and Pacific Air Force Commander General Herbert Carlisle. “They both received operational briefings from these Senior Commanders about how they conduct training and contingency planing for the region”, said Buildup Office Director Calvo who accompanied Governor Calvo on the trip.

It it was the first time that the the Governors of the CNMI and Guam have ever received such a high level briefing from PACOM’s commanders, according to Buildup Office Director Calvo.

The visit was scheduled nearly 8 months ago, said Calvo, and the purpose was to give the Governors of the CNMI and Guam a chance to sit down with the principal U.S. commanders in the Pacific to learn, first hand, what their mission goals are.

Calvo called the briefings “very important meetings,” because they “allowed the Governors to see beyond statements from the Secretary of Defense or the President’s Administration about the importance of the Marianas and Guam as it relates to strategic defense and protecting national interest.”

[Joint Region Commander Tilghman Payne, CNMI Governor Eloy Inos,  PACAF Commander General Herbert Carlisle,Guam Governor Eddie Calvo; photo courtesy Saipan Tribune]