Governor’s Hawaii Conference Yields Promises of Investor Visits to Guam


Guam – Investors who participated in the Hawaii Investment Conference are planning trips to Guam following the Governor’s presentation in Honolulu.
“We have already received calls from potential investors that have inquired about land prices, available apartment buildings and also retail locations,” Steve Sombrero said. Sombrero is President of ChaneyBrooks, one of the firms that organized and hosted the conference. “These are all inquiries we plan to follow up beginning next week.”

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo headlined the event Wednesday. He made a stop in Honolulu before heading to Washington, D.C., where he is now preparing for the National Governors Association winter meeting. He invited the Hawaiian investors to bring their money to Guam, where, unlike other American communities, the growth potential is certain.

“We want every minute of our time on this trip spent trying to bring back good things for Guam,” Governor Calvo said. “We’re making it a point to advance Guam’s best interests, and to follow up and follow through with the contacts we’re making. I’m directing GEDA to guide these investors and show them the hospitality of our island, so they can invest their money into our people.”

ChaneyBrooks has been receiving numerous calls and emails since the Wednesday event of investors requesting copies of the Governor’s presentation. It included the business climate on Guam and the existing and potential economic conditions.

“The general consensus is that this was one of the better Guam forums held to date,” Sombrero said. “Some have already mentioned that they plan to fly out to Guam soon. I have no doubt that the conference has helped to heighten the interest in Guam.”

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