Governor’s Office and 10 other agencies fail to submit citizen centric reports


Several GovGuam agencies including the Governor’s office have failed to turn in reports to the Public Auditor that show how taxpayer dollars are spent.

Guam – According Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks, 6 agencies did not turn in their citizen centric reports for fiscal year 2016 and 5 did not turn in these reports for fiscal year 2015. Of these non-compliant entities 4 failed to turn in their citizen centric reports for both FY2016 and FY2015. These four are the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities, the Guam Homeland Security / Office of Civil defense and the Office of the Governor.

The Public Auditor says that the heads of all of these GovGuam agencies were informed of their non-compliance in early November. These citizen centric reports are required by Guam law and by failing to turn them in the Public Auditor says these agencies have neglected their responsibility to “provide information regarding government operations and how taxpayer dollars are spent and communicate and make accessible to citizens government financial information in a simple and understandable format.”