Governor’s Office: Let the Democrats “Call the UN or Ghostbusters” to Conduct 2010 Election Probe


Guam – The Administration’s Communications Director Troy Torres has issued a strong statement critical of the Guam Democratic Party’s expressed intention to press on with its call for an investigation of  alleged irregularities in the 2010 election.


Torres called the continued appeals for an investigation an “insane desire for power” and mockingly suggested that the democrats call the “United Nations” or “Ghostbusters” to conduct an investigation.

Torres was reacting to a release issued Wednesday by Senator Rory Respicio who quoted former Governor Gutierrez as thanking Congresswoman Bordallo … “for responding positively to the Party’s request for a Congressional investigation into the allegations of voter fraud”. And a separate and conflicting statement from Bordallo who stated merely that she “will consider the request and make an official inquiry with the U.S. Attorney relative to the disposition of the complaint, and ask the U.S. Attorney to respond and take appropriate action.”


In a statement to PNC News, Torres wrote:

“They can call the President and invite the United Nations to conduct an investigation. They can also call Ghostbusters if they want. Perhaps that will stop this insane desire for power when it’s revealed that Governor Calvo & Lt. Gov. Tenorio won the election despite improprieties that occurred from the other side. While they are spending all their time on this one issue, Governor Calvo, his administration, and the Republican senators will be busy doing the real work the people expect from them.”