Governors Office Sends FOIA Letters to Legislature


This request is a similar move to Vice Speaker BJ Cruz’s FOIA requests over the governors office illegal retroactive pay raises.

Guam – The Governors Senior Advisor Troy Torres has sent a FOIA request asking for information related to the $725,000 transfer to the legislature last year for retroactive pay raises for senators. 

Torres, on behalf of governor Eddie Calvo, sent a FOIA request to legislative executive director Vince Arriola for information related to, among other things, retroactive payments to senators for their pay raises. Torres is questioning what the $725,000 transfer from the governor to the legislature went towards. In a release, Adelup says they understand that each senator received $25,000 for retro pay but Torres says the math doesn’t add up.

“We did the math and we thought, $25,000, 15 senators equals $375,000 and that didn’t make any sense to us and we thought, where did 350 thousand go that was the difference of what was transferred and so we’d like to know where that money went, wed like to know whether that money lapsed, and if they did lapse did they go into bank accounts,” said Torres.



  1. I believe the public is not at all impressed with the behavior being displayed by both the Executive and Legislative branches. I for one am totally disappointed with the mud slinging and would like both branches to concentrate on the business of running the government efficiently and with some class. Remember that the voters won’t forget this type of behavior come election day. I know I won’t.

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