Governor’s Weekly Address: Focus On Pagat & DOD Partnership


Guam- Governor Eddie Calvo released his weekly address Monday talking about the visit by the defense delegation last week and how Pagat fits into the picture now.

Calvo says the Navy has been listening to the people all along, despite a year of controversy and “their mishandling of the military buildup.” He also notes that they’re not taking Pagat village or restricting its access. The Governor mentions while the Navy “took us all by surprise last week”, they finally acknowledge that “we were in the driver’s seat from the start” and they want to help Guam with some long standing political issues, adding they worked with Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo for war reparations in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“And as for war reparations, political status, compact impact, visa waivers and even our EEZ? The Defense Department recognizes that we don’t have voting representation in Congress, and we don’t have any lobbyists in the federal agencies” said Calvo. “They’re going to partner with us and help us to get what we want.”

Calvo adds “the most promising concession they made, though, was on the shrinking of the federal footprint.” He also thanked Senator Judi Guthertz for being the voice of reason and reiterating how the legislature and the administration can work together to facilitate the return of land from the military.