GovGuam chooses new health insurance provider; Aetna assures smooth transition


Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has announced her approval of the government of Guam’s health insurance plan.

For fiscal year 2020, Aetna International will be GovGuam’s exclusive insurance provider.

Among all the bidders, the governor said Aetna offered the most economical and beneficial healthcare insurance proposal plan, as mandated by law.

Jerry Crisostomo, the plan administrator for NetCare, which is the Guam representative of Aetna, spoke to Andrea Pellacani on NewsTalk K57, assuring a transparent and seamless transition for all GovGuam employees and retirees from their previous healthcare plan to the new plan.

“So you know, our goal — for both Aetna and NetCare — is to make this as seamless, as transparent and as least disruptive for GovGuam employees and retirees. For instance, we have a contract today with FHP. So GovGuam members under Select Care can have access now to the FHP as of October 1st. That is a big plus. If you are a TakeCare GovGuam member, and you did not have access to GRMC, you now have access to GRMC,” Crisostomo said.

Crisostomo said NetCare’s relationship with Aetna is now going on eight years. Aetna is an American-managed health care company in the mainland that sells traditional and consumer-directed health care insurance and related services.

“There will be an opportunity for Aetna to introduce itself in the market. The Aetna Team has arrived on Guam and there is a big team that is on the ground here who will help conduct that transition. There will be an opportunity to introduce Aetna — who they are, what their different programs for GovGuam employees and retirees are, and this whole enrollment process that they will be introducing,” Crisostomo said.

Crisostomo said the Department of Administration will give more details of the new GovGuam contract within the next few days.