GovGuam drug testing bill introduced


A bill to fix a loophole in escaping repercussions relative to drug testing for government employees has been brought to session.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

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Bill 123-36, introduced by Senator Tony Ada, requires that any person that resigns in government service right after a drug screening has been announced for that position, will have to submit to a drug test prior to resignation or forfeit all employment rights.

A loophole has been discovered that has let employees bypass the test, but still keep their right of re-employment.

During the regular session on March 28th, many senators have expressed their support for the bill because of the drug problem that continues to evolve on the island.

Historically, marijuana was the primary drug available in the territory, however, crystal meth has become more prominent on Guam over the past decade which has created more issues being known as the war on drugs

During the session, Speaker Therese Terlaje added amendments to the wording of the bill which Senator Ada and Senator Telo Taitague were in full support of.