GovGuam employee tased twice at Adelup for resisting arrest


An employee of the government of Guam has been arrested after his co-workers filed a complaint against him for terrorizing.

According to court documents, on March 24, 2021, at 7:40 pm, Guam Police Department officers received a complaint from Edwin Reyes, the reporting person, who stated that a coworker, later identified as Emmanuel Aguon was making “inappropriate comments” that was putting himself and other coworkers in fear.

Mr. Reyes stated that they did not report right away because they tried to handle the matter internally but were later urged to report the incident to the police.

On March 26 at 5:19 pm, officers responded to a terrorizing complaint at the Governor’s Complex in Adelup. Officers arrived and received reports that Aguon was arguing with other Adelup staffers in the Bureau of Statistics and Plans office.

Officers asked Aguon to step out into the hall and informed him that he was being placed under arrest.

According to the magistrate’s report, the defendant popped his knuckles and stared intently at the officers but proceeded to the hallway. As the officers attempted to place handcuffs on Aguon, he moved his right hand away and placed it by the wall. He then allegedly resisted and tensed up, refusing to comply.

The officers announced and deployed a laser twice against Aguon while he refused to comply and clenched his fists to his chest.

Aguon is on pretrial release in CM368-19, where he has conditions to not possess any firearms or other deadly weapons. During the pat down, officers located a black folding knife on him.

Aguon has been charged with resisting arrest as a misdemeanor.