GovGuam health insurance RFP requires GRMC as in-network provider

Guam Regional Medical City (PNC file photo)

Guam – The new GovGuam health insurance provider must have the Guam Regional Medical City as an in-network hospital.

This is the first time that the GovGuam Health Insurance Contract RFP makes this a requirement. This means that a health insurance agency wanting to bid will have to have GRMC in its network.

Out of the four major health insurance providers on Guam, TakeCare insurance is the only one that does not offer coverage at GRMC. All other providers–Calvo’s SelectCare, NetCare and Staywell–have a contract with GRMC. However, Staywell also offers plans that do not include GRMC in its network.

GRMC and TakeCare have been at odds since GRMC opened its doors in 2015. Initially, the dispute was over GRMC’s lack of accreditation. But even with a Joint Commission accreditation in place, still no contract between the two exists.

Then the feud came to a head last summer when all negotiations fell through and GRMC began billing its patients with TakeCare insurance for services dating back to 2015.

The RFP for the GovGuam Health insurance contract was released on April 6 and ends on May 7. Negotiations are tentatively scheduled to begin the week of June 11.