GovGuam hopes air curtain burner will help fight invasive species


GovGuam is now using a privately contracted air curtain burner in hopes of eliminating the green waste that serves as breeding grounds for the coconut rhinoceros beetle.

Guam – According to a release from the Governor’s office this latest initiative to combat invasive species is underway in the village of Hagatna. GovGuam has contracted Pacific Unlimited for their air curtain burner since the latter part of October. Most of the burning has been occurring at Pacific Unlimited’s site in Yigo but now they are beginning to bring the air curtain burner to other villages.

According to Department of Agriculture Director Matt Sablan, some of the green waste being burned in Hagatna is comprised of coconut rhino beetle infected trees that were cut down. Pacific Unlimited’s Yigo facility has already processed 870 cubic yards of green waste. Pacific Unlimited has also processed 700 cubic yards of green waste in Piti and they are expected to burn 600 cubic yards of green waste in Hagatna. Department of agriculture officials will consult with island mayors to determine the next site for the air curtain burner.