GovGuam Insurance Deadline is Approaching Soon

GovGuam Retirement Fund (PNC file photp)

The deadline to sign up for GovGuam insurance is quickly approaching, with next Monday being the last day.

Reporting on the insurance packages is PNC’s Damen Michael

In an interview with Patti Arroyo on Newstalk K57 Paula Blas, Director of the GovGuam Retirement Fund said that Monday, October 10th is the last day for active GovGuam employees and retirees to choose between the two carriers Selectcare or Takecare.

As PNC previously reported, Edward Birn, Director of the Department of Administration said that by law GovGuam is required to provide multiple options for providers. Birn added that between the two options one is noticeably cheaper than the other.

Director Blas gave details on what some applicants might need to resubmit their forms.

She said, ” For the retiree supplemental plan the RSP plan the only ones who need to come in and fill out new forms are class 2 and class 4 and the reason for that is those particular classes have two sub-classes to them where the premiums are different for 2A and 2B. ”

Blas added that anyone in classes 1 and 3 doesn’t need to fill out a new form unless there are changes that need to be made.

the application form can be found on the carrier’s websites or the retirement fund website. The applications can be dropped off at the retirement fund in person or emailed at Blas says benefits for all other employees and retirees under other classes will be rolled over if there are no changes

Reporting for the Pacific News Center

I’m Damen Michael

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