GovGuam Makes 1st Installment of $2M On “Plan of Action” for DMHSA


Guam – GovGuam has managed to squeeze out the first installment of the nearly $16 million it must pay to the District Court over the next 3 years to  cover the cost of the Federal Management Team’s plan of action for the Department of Mental Health.

The 1st installment of  $2-million dollars was deposited, as ordered, with the District Court yesterday [Monday].

One of the 2 members of the Federal Management Team, Dr. James Kiffer, told PNC News today that the money will be used to begin hiring the first of 40 additional staff members for DMHSA.

Among the first to be hired he said will be security and maintenance personnel as well as nurses and psychologists.

“This allows us to move forward with getting the people aboard in various categories, both professionals and non-professionals,” said Kiffer. “And to begin some of the activities in earnest and start the plan of action. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

The next court-ordered installment of  $2-million dollars is due in January. Kiffer says that $1-million of that will come right off the top to pay a past-due bill that the department of mental health owes to the Guam Memorial Hospital.

This first installment was appropriated in the 2010 budget, but last month, BBMR Director Bertha Duenas said she did have the funds, but would find them. Today, Adelup said that the money was found through “lapses in payments and transfers” of funds from other departments. Its not clear where the next payment in January will come from.