GovGuam multiple provider health insurance contract signed


The GovGuam health insurance contract has been signed allowing for GovGuam employees to have a choice of their health insurance provider.

Governor’s Spokeswoman Oyoal Ngiririkl says that employees will be able to choose between Netcare, Selectcare and Takecare. This means that more than 7 thousand GovGuam employees retirees and families will maintain access to multiple healthcare providers doctors and clinics. The administration contends that while certain Senators continue to push for cheaper healthcare insurance with an exclusive single health insurance provider for GovGuam such a contract would’ve resulted in government employee’s retirees and their families losing access to their primary doctors and major healthcare facilities. “We are just excited to be able to ensure that GovGuam employees and retirees and their family members have access to healthcare,” said Ngiririkl.


Ngiririkl says that this years’ health insurance contract will provide GovGuam with a savings of approximately $1.8 million dollars compared to the last fiscal year.