GovGuam Spends More Per Gallon on Gas Than GPA


Guam – GovGuam should be saving more money on gassing up it’s fleet of government automobiles. The Office of Public Accountability has released an audit that shows that Govguam is paying more per gallon than some of it’s autonomous agencies.




The OPA conducted an audit of GovGuam gas consumption for fiscal years 2009 through 2011. They found that nearly 50 percent of GovGuam agencies do not reconcile fuel billings to actual fuel receipts. They also found that the number of gallons used by GovGuam actually decreased but the amount spent on gas increased. This is due in part to the increase in fuel prices however it’s also a result of other things that GovGuam can and should be able to fix. “GovGuam is actually not getting the best price in comparison to other GovGuam agencies who even procure on their own,” said Auditor Jerrick Hernandez adding, “GovGuam pays 25 cents more per gallon for unleaded fuel when compared to GPA and we actually identified just in FY 2011 alone a lost savings of $144 thousand.”

 They also found that GovGuam purchased $10.7 thousand dollars worth of unauthorized premium fuel and that UOG has an undocumented contract with it’s current fuel vendor. The OPA has made four major recommendations. First GovGuam should conduct monthly reconciliation of fuel billings to actual receipts, second GovGuam should coordinate with GPA to get assistance in monitoring fuel prices, third DOA and GSA should require all agencies to re-evaluate their needs for premium fuel, and fourth UOG should issue an IFB for fuel immediately. “As a result of UOG not having procurement in place we actually questioned their entire fuel purchases for a three year period,” said Hernandez. UOG actually paid the highest amount per gallon of gas compared to all other agencies and entities within GovGuam.