GovGuam to stay the course on health insurance

TakeCare health insurance (PNC file photo)

The government of Guam will proceed with its procurement efforts to have a new health insurance policy in place for GovGuam workers despite a restraining order filed by TakeCare Insurance to prevent this from happening.

Edward Birn, Department of Administration director, told the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K57 that the government will proceed with its procurement pending a court order prohibiting it not to do so.

“We have no order, its just a motion to request an order to halt the process. So we’re proceeding along the track of having a new health insurance in place by the beginning of the new fiscal year,” Birn said.

He added that eventually, there will be a hearing, and both sides can present their case. But until DOA gets an order from the court, it would be business as usual.

“We need to move forward to end this uncertaintly. And we’re moving forward until we get an order from the court,” Birn stressed.

He added that the decision of the Office Public Auditor and the wording of that decision allows the government to proceed and move forward with its health insurance plan.

“The public auditor’s opinion allows us to move forward,” Birn said.

TakeCare had protested the new law which requires all GovGuam insurance providers to offer coverage that includes all the hospitals on island.