GovGuam wants to centralize all quarantine operations

As it stands now, the Government operates three hotels for quarantine purpose, one of which is the Wyndham Garden.

GovGuam is eyeing a change to their quarantining facilities and hoping to centralize all the operations into one hotel.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero was on the air with K57’s Patti Arroyo this morning discussing quarantining capacity, in light of more incoming flights to the island.

As it stands, the Government operates three hotels for that purpose. Those are: the Wyndham Garden, the Oceanview and the Bayview Hotel.

The Governor says she wants to streamline operations.

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“What I would like to though is, bring everybody into one facility. And that makes more sense in terms of efficiency and resources and everything is much better done if we are all in one facility. So, our Homeland Security people are out there looking for possible bigger hotels that can accommodate the number for everyone. We’re averaging about maybe, 350 in quarantine but every day there are people who leave quarantine, so that kind of helps,” Leon Guerrero said.

The governor also said she will be extending Guam’s public health emergency past the end of August.

She says she’ll continue extending it until COVID is under control on island.