GPA: 2 Cabras Units to Be Off Line for at Least 1 Day When Repair Crew Arrives to Assess C-3, and Inspect C-4


Guam – Guam Power Authority Spokesman Art Perez tells PNC News that 2 Cabras base load units will be off line, at the same time, for at least one day, possibly as early as the end of next week.

The Cabras 3 generator is already down for repairs. A repair crew will be arriving at the end of next week to inspect it. 

“Repair personnel will be onsite to assess root cause of the rotor damage to C-III” said Perez

And since the repair crew will be here to look at Cabras 3,  Cabras 4 will also be inspected. That means that it too will have to be taken off line.

“It is an ideal opportunity to conduct an inspection of C4,” wrote Perez in an email response to PNC News.

Perez emphasized that Cabras 4 is not being taken off line for repairs, but for an inspection only.

“I am told that the inspection will be done while specialized equipment and personnel are on island,” wrote Perez adding that the inspection will “be scheduled during off peak hours (after midnight most likely),” he said.


“Unit C4 should be back online the same day,” he said. And there is no scheduled outage planned in connection with this inspection.

GPA’s “priority” said Perez “is to get Cabras III back on line in the shortest timeline possible,” and to take advantage of the repair crew when they are here to assess the condition of Cabras 4.

He said that other back up generators would be used to ensure the island power needs are met while both base load units are off line.

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Two of the island’s most productive power generators will be down for repair and maintenance.

Guam Power Authority is going to have to shut down Cabras 4. It’s unknown when the generator will be down, but power officials confirmed it will be taken down while Cabras 3 still is being repaired.

“We do not have a time frame for how long they will both be down together,” said Art Perez, spokesman for Guam Power Authority.

Perez wanted to assure the public that other generators will be used to ensure the island’s power needs are met.

GPA said it would know exactly how long Cabras 4 would have to be down after inspectors come in to investigate the already downed Cabras 3 generator sometime in the next month.

“Once the inspectors get here they can give us a better assessment,” Perez said.

Alstom, Doosan and Lloyd’s Register ODS are the companies currently tasked with the repair of Cabras 3, which could cost $6 million, according to the power agency.

“We want to utilize those resources to take a look at Cabras 4. It is the same design as Cabras 3 and we just want to make sure it is not having the same problems,” Perez said.

The power agency will have to shut down Cabras 4 for the inspection. The down time will be increased if they find problems.

Cabras 3 has been down since November 2012 after the power agency found a broken rotor shaft in the generator.

GPA has calculated a $900,000 fuel loss per month just to recover the energy loss from Cabras 3.

The fuel loss is mainly due to less efficient generators having to run in order to pick up the slack, according to GPA.

If Cabras 4 goes down, that fuel loss may increase — which means added cost for GPA.

This news comes at a time when the power agency also faces questions about its fuel supply.

A protest was submitted after GPA awarded a two-year fuel contract to supplier Vitol Asia.

The agency now is trying to extend its current fuel supplier contract with Petrobras for another six months after the contract expires this month.

Perez yesterday said the extension hasn’t been agreed upon. Without the extension, GPA will have to dip into its 90-day reserve.

In the meantime, GPA said the last shipment — about 280,000 barrels of fuel — is expected this month.

“We are going to do everything in our power to examine Cabras 3 as fast as we can and just to examine four to see if everything is okay,” Perez said.