GPA Announces Future Increase To Power Bills

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The Guam Power Authority has announced a future increase in Guam’s power bill.

The Public Utilities Commission announced the amount of the LEAC increase and the rollout schedule that will be coming up soon.

This action will raise the cost of power for customers in the coming months.

As PNC previously reported, the Guam power authority was looking to start the increase in July as part of a 3 step process in 2-month increments. So on July 1, we will see 21 cents to 24; then, on September 1, it will be 27 cents to 29 cents in November.

Effective July 11, 2022, the LEAC will increase an average of $42.12 on their residential total power bill. Then, on September 1, 2022, an increase totaling up to $44.41 will also be implemented.

With fuel costs higher than ever, the PUC Commissioners are supporting GPA’s petition and doing what is necessary to ensure viable GPA operations allowing GPA to have enough cash to purchase fuel to keep the lights on, said Guam Power Authority General Manager John Benavente.

“We will not stop looking for solutions to alleviate the impact of rate increases on our customers,” Benavente added.