GPA awarded federal grants to improve efficiency in operations

Guam Power Authority (PNC file photo)

Guam Power Authority has been awarded two federally-funded grants by the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) to support projects that will improve efficiencies and ultimately, service to customers.

Grant monies come from the DOI under the Office of Insular Affairs (OIA) Technical Assistance Program (TAP).

GPA was awarded $159,200 to create a Comprehensive Security Plan for Guam’s Critical Energy Infrastructure that strengthens GPA’s overall security posture to meet and exceed industry standards.

GPA intends to adopt specific, achievable physical and cybersecurity approaches in a 12-month project over four phases.

One benefits for ratepayers is a comprehensive security plan that meets high standards and incorporates best practices. The plan also prepares to mitigate unique threats and risks to the community, as well as Guam’s power system.

GPA also received $49,550 for its Energy Engineering Training & Certification Program, directed toward GPA personnel to be trained and certified in preparation for future grid studies, energy accounting, or economic analyses, as Guam’s island-wide power system evolves to a more complex power system.

Benefits for ratepayers for this grant include:

= Mitigation of employee successions

= Enhanced expertise and increased productivity and performance of GPA staff
This staff is charged with operating and maintaining GPA’s critical infrastructure and its delivery of essential power service.

(GPA Release)