GPA: Construction of Underground Power Line Prompts Closure of 1 Land on Route 26 at Route 15 Intersection


Guam – The Guam Power Authority has announced that the construction of a 34.5 kV underground line from the Marbo Substation to the Pagat
Substation is underway and as a result one-lane of Route 26 will be closed in that area starting TOMORROW Wednesday, October 12.

The lane closure will occur near the intersection of Route 26 and Route 15, towards Latte Heights.

The project is expected to be completed next year with construction costs at approximately $5M.

“Customers being served by the Pagat Substation are vulnerable to outages due to the substation not having a redundant transmission line,” stated Melinda Camacho, P.E., Assistant General Manager of Operations, “The completion of this project will provide a loop transmission system for the Pagat Substation to improve power reliability.

Additionally, having portions of the lines underground will help mitigate against future damages associated with typhoons. This system improvement will expedite service to customers during restoration.”

The Marbo to Pagat 34.5 kV Underground Line project involves intercepting the existing Radio Barrigada to Marbo overhead transmission line and routing the line through the Pagat Substation along Route 15.

This in effect will provide two partially underground lines, 1.6 miles each in length, with sources from the Radio Barrigada and Marbo substations serving the Pagat Substation. These feeds to Pagat Substation will complement the existing transmission tie in with the Macheche Substation. The project will further improve system reliability by upgrading the antiquated power circuit breakers and protective relays at Marbo Substation.