GPA General Manager Answers Concerns on Prugraman Ayuda i TaoTao-ta


Questions have been raised on how the new Power Relief act will be enacted – such as when rate-payers can see it in their power bill. In order to answer those concerns – Guam Power Authority General Manager – John Benevente – spoke on NewsTalk K57 – to shed more light on Prugraman Ayuda i TaoTao-ta.

Reporting more on the program is PNC’s Devin Eligio.

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Guam Power Authority ratepayers will now see a decrease in their power bill rate with the signing of Bill 325 into law.

General Manager John Benavente, Guam Power Authority said, “We have been working to get this through as seamlessly as possible.”

Benavente said that customers could expect two months of credit in August to account for July, giving them $200 credit next month.

in which Benevente added, “Again, that is for active accounts.”

He explained that if a customer’s bill does not exceed the credit, it will roll over to the next month.

Benevente said, “The usual consumption, the better for the customer.”

The rate increase started July 1st with an increase of 25 cents per kilowatt hour. The next rate increase is expected in September — going up to 29 cents.

According to Benavente, this price hike will be the same for residential customers. he said, “Will be about $42 dollars in July and August. $42 for each month. And then in September, it will go up another $45 dollars, so about $87.”

Benavente said that GPA has also been reaching out to condominium and apartment complexes to certify the number of active accounts in the ratepayer’s building. he said, “And that to us, we’ll be able to also try and catch your billing and provide that credit.”

Ratepayers will not have to go through any application process for the credit program and will be automatically applied to the bill.

Benevente said, “This is really a creative way to help the ratepayers to mitigate the price increases that were necessary because of the rise in fuel oil costs.”

Reporting for the Pacific News Center
I’m Devin Eligio