GPA, GWA prepare for Typhoon Mawar


The Guam Power Authority and Guam Waterworks Authority Customer Services Centers and Business Offices are closed due to the approach of Tropical Storm Mawar and Guam being placed into Condition of Readiness (COR) 2. All GPA & GWA employees and are asked to report to work, especially to secure their work area, according to the Joint Information Center.

GPA Customers can make payments online with a debit or credit card by visiting, or download the Pay GPWA app or pay by phone through the toll free auto phone payment at 1 (855) 977-2002.

GWA Customers can make payments with a debit card or credit card over the phone by calling GWA at (671) 647-7800 or online by visiting

Meanwhile, GPA advises the public that it has begun its pre-storm preparation on the island-wide power system. Protective measures at the power plants and substations will be taken to minimize the threat of storm/typhoon damage.

The Transmission & Distribution (T&D) line crews will focus on tree-trimming and vegetation control as high winds can blow vegetation into power lines. Customers are advised to safely clear debris and vegetation that may pose a hazard during windy conditions. Please report any power related emergencies or down power line to GPA via its Facebook page ( or call GPA’s 24-hour Trouble Dispatch desk at 671-475-1472/73/74.

GPA will know the areas experiencing outages via its SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and smart grid management systems. Therefore, they ask customers to keep calls to a minimum and limit calls to emergency safety situations only (down lines/poles, sparking lines and transformers and other immediate dangers).

GPA urges residents to take precautions and protect or unplug sensitive electronic equipment to prevent damage due to lightning strikes or power surges. Customers are also advised that if you are experiencing power fluctuations, brownouts, extremely bright lights, dimming/flickering lights, or water coming out of your outlets, turn off your main breaker as you may cause damage to other appliances.

If you need to evacuate to an emergency shelter, before you leave home, shut off your incoming electricity at the main breaker or switch, usually located by the electric meter or in the circuit breaker panel.

If you are dependent on an electrically-powered life support system, consider having a backup generator. Otherwise, make plans ahead of time to go to an alternate location where electricity will be available such as hospitals. Be prepared to take your medical equipment and medications with you.

GPA further advises customers operating generators for either residential or commercial purposes, especially a large generator, to please SHUT OFF THE MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER(S) OF ALL HOUSE(S) OR BUILDING(S) THAT ARE CONNECTED TO YOUR GENERATOR.  Also, when operating personal generators to service homes or businesses, customers should ensure that it is operating in an open, well ventilated area to prevent adverse effects from inhalation of fumes. For your personal safety and the safety of your family members or employees, double check and make sure that your generator is not in an enclosed area or located next to your air conditioner’s air intake and/or other air ducts leading into the dwelling areas in your homes or establishments.

During the storm, the Guam Power Authority will continue to run the island wide power system and keep the power on for as long as possible. Power plants will be operational as long as it is capable and safe to do so. T&D personnel will be in the field to address power problems, up to the point when supervisors out in the field state it is no longer safe to do so and field crews will be secured.  Again, as the storm approaches and winds pick up, we will eventually have to secure all personnel for safety reasons. Thereafter, as circuits trip, we may need to secure and bring units offline until it is safe to resume operations.

For more information, contact:, visit or GPA Social Media Pages.