VIDEO: Power Bills Causing “Sticker Shock”; GPA Suggests Its Higher Consumption Brought on By Warmer Weather


Guam – Many Island residents are experiencing “sticker shock” as they open their latest power bills, some complaining they’re paying  $100 to $250 more in the wake of  the first installment of a multi-year base rate increase that took effect in May.

However, GPA Spokesman Art Perez suggests the big bills have more to do with higher consumption, due to the onset of  the warmer summer months.

He says customers should take note of several line item changes on their bill, including the working capital surcharge, a lifeline rate and the base rate adjustment. The increase should average only $6 to $10 dollars more a month.

The larger power bills some customers are seeing could be tied to lifestyle habits which can have a big impact on the amount of power you use.

“I would monitor your consumption and you can see that with your monthly readings, see what major change that is occurring in your household” said Perez. “I know during the summer months and during the holiday periods, like myself especially, you know our kids are home from school. You know, your appliances are utilized more often during the day and during those periods, you can’t really monitor that, but it is going on.”

Perez also says old meters could pose a problem. He recommends that if people have questions about their meter reading verification or want to dispute charges to call their customer service line at (671) 647-5787.