GPA Hit By Copper Thefts Several Times Over Past Month


Guam – The Guam Power Authority is asking for the public’s help to provide law enforcement with information regarding recent incidents of copper wire theft that have occurred in the past month:

1. 6/9/2014: Guam Waterworks Authority D17 Deep Well, Dededo – Smart meter removed and thrown on the ground and approximately 360’ of copper wire missing;
2. 6/11/2014: Yona Baseball Field – Smart meter removed and thrown on the ground, approximately 120’ of copper wire missing;
3. 6/17/2014: Residence on Chalan Palauan in Dededo – Smart meter removed and 50’ service drop line cut off and missing;
4. 6/29/2014: Commercial business in Harmon Industrial Park – Smart meter removed and damaged; wires stored in warehouse were cut up but not taken;
5. 7/1/2014: Guam Power and Waterworks Authority D3 Pump Station – Locks cut and internal wirings in generator and ATS (automatic transfer switch) missing. Amount of wire taken is currently unknown;
6. 7/1/2014: Vacant home along Hotel Road, Tumon – Smart meter removed and load (customer) side wires cut in the meter socket. Amount of wire taken is currently unknown.

“Each incident literally cost ratepayers hundreds up to thousands of dollars to get replacement copper wires. The actual cost of stolen material is only a portion of the overall price of the theft as you factor repair-and-reinstallation costs, security-and-safety potential, and disruption of utility services. Most importantly, thefts can lead to death and injuries, both to the thieves and to others, stated Maripaz Perez, Internal Auditor, “We urgently ask the public for their help in providing information to law enforcement regarding these incidents. We also remind the public to report any suspicious activities. For instance, legitimate government personnel are in their official vehicles marked with their department’s official logo when conducting their duties.”

The public may contact the Authority’s Internal Audit Revenue Protection Service (RPS) at #648-3199 or email at ia_rps@guampowerauthority.comto report any incidents that are related to customer side wire thefts, meter tampering, and theft of services. All calls are strictly confidential.

You may also contact GPD’s Crime Stoppers at #477-4357.