GPA: Major Project Underway to Improve Base Load Generators


Guam – The Guam Power Authority has begun a major capital improvement project (CIP) to improve reaction of  base load generators to unscheduled, forced outages that cause intermittent disruption of power services.

The project will involve base load generator testing and tuning beginning January 25 and ending February 16. The purpose of this project is to model the response of the generation units and subsequently tune generator controls to react better during times of power system disturbances.

The primary goal is to reduce the amount of power outages caused by under frequency load shedding.

“GPA does not anticipate any disruption in power to customers as there has been meticulous planning among GPA staff and consultants to ensure favorable execution of the testing,” stated Melinda Camacho, P.E, Acting Assistant General Manager of Operations, “Most of the testing will occur during the early morning hours – however, if unexpected difficulties arise, it is possible that some customers may have power services temporarily interrupted.”

Under frequency load shedding (UFLS) involves shutting off blocks of power circuits or customer loads in order to compensate for a drop in system frequency. The frequency drop occurs with the loss of generation units due to system disturbances. UFLS is designed to protect the Island Wide Power System from island wide power outages by allowing the generation units remaining on the system to recover from the disturbance, and then restoring power to the affected areas – these recovery periods often last from a couple of minutes to half an hour.

“As our contractor and employees progress with the testing and tuning process – the likelihood of forced outages during this phase will decrease,” remarked Camacho, “At the completion of this major project, customers should experience in improved level of service quality and reliability.”