GPA Overhauls Generator At Tanguisson Power Plant


Guam – The Guam Power Authority is working hard to insure that people have power when they need it. Part of GPA’s responsibilities is to maintain its equipment and facilities around the island. Now GPA is upgrading its Tanguisson Power Plant.

GPA is currently on the eighth day of a 25 day overhaul project for a base line generator at the Tanguisson Power Plant. This 40 year old power plant has two generators, while one is being overhauled, the second one continues to provide power throughout the island. 

GPA Art Perez explains, “One generator can go down while the other one can stay on line. While the generator is being overhauled, we have the other base line generator on line and fast track generators from around the island the island will kick in to cover the short fall. While work is progressing they can do other work within the plant . Perez says when a base unit goes down, a lot of resources, man power and expertise are brought in to do everything they can within a short period of time to get the unit back up and running.”

Pruvient Energy, a Georgia based private performance management team running the plant while GPA provides the employees.  Plant Manager Mike Alvarez gives us a inside look at this plant. The disassembled base line generator inside the plant gives us a cross section of all its operating parts. Alvarez says before any energy is produced,  fuel comes in from a pipe line from Piti. The fuel is used in a boiler to generate steam that reaches to temperatures up to 900 degrees in Fahrenheit. The steam is used to turn the turbine rotor, which is connected to the generator field. Both the turbine rotor and generator field spins inside the generator stator at 3600 revolution per minute.  This General Electric turbine can generate up to 26.5 megawatts per second. Perez says the electricity is then sent through out the island.

Perez sasy, “This overhaul is expected to be complete within the next two to three weeks. After that the power plant will be up and running back to one hundred.” percent.