VIDEO: GPA Reclassifies Over 840 Commercial Customers Who Were Mistakenly Assessed “Demand Charge”


Guam- The Guam Power Authority (GPA) has reclassified about 840 of 1,400 accounts that were mistakenly assessed a Base Rate Demand charge causing big increases in their power bills.

GPA Spokesman Art Perez says the Demand Rate Charge only affects commercial and government customers. He mentions those reclassified accounts are now in the proper rate class. 208 additional accounts will also be moved to a lower rate class and the remaining 350 customers are being addressed individually to determine the appropriate rate solution.

Perez also says GPA will be meeting with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to make these proposed changes official next week.

“The whole intent of the base rate was to fund CIP projects to improve service over the next 5 years” said Perez. “It was never an intent to have this unforeseen event take place to our customers, but we want to resolve it as quickly as we can…and re-class them to the appropriate rate class.”

Perez adds any residential customers that have billing issues are recommended to call GPA’s customer service line at (671) 647-5787.