GPA Releases Report on Accident At Cabras Plant


Guam – The Guam Power Authority today [Tuesday] released its report on last week’s accident at the Cabras Power Plant when a contract employee fell through the gutter along the roof of the building that houses Cabas units 1 & 2.

The report confirms that the man was not harnessed at the time of the accident, but the report also reveals that he had not been instructed to avoid stepping on the cement board which he fell through.

Read the GPA report on the accident   

The injured worker is identified as Dennis Bolano.

GMH Spokesman Connor Murphy tells PNC News that as of Tuesday afternoon, Bolabno was still in stable condition in the surgical ward. He said he is not allowed to disclose the nature of his injuries.

According to the report, Bolano was assigned to “tightening nuts on the rivets securing the tin roofing.”

At about 9:50 am, Bolano “took his harness off and walked over to the other three” workers who were removing and replacing gutters.

He asked them for a smoke, got it, smoked it and then offered to help them.

Then, the report states,  “Bolano went under the roof and stood on the cement board. The cement board broke under his weight creating an opening large enough for Bolano to fall through.”

The report states that the three other workers on the roof had been “instructed not to step on that cement board and to step on the angle iron supporting the cement board instead.”

However,  the reprot says,  “Bolano was not briefed on the hazard of the cement board because he was not assigned to work on the same task.”

Bolano had been on the job site 2 days.