GPA’s Set to Unveil Its $2.1 Million Wind Turbine Project


GPA Spokesman Art Perez says the project is a test run to determine if GPA can install more wind turbines.

Guam – In a move that signals the direction energy production may take in the future, GPA is near completion of a $2.1 million wind turbine along Cross-Island Road.


If you’re hiking towards Tarzan Falls and you notice something odd giving off a whirring sound, rest assured, its part of a pilot program to measure wind capacity and energy.


GPA spokesman Art Perez says the wind tower turbine, which has been a year in the making, is capable of outputting 275 KW of energy.


“It can service up to 50 homes. Our personnel working alongside the contractor, in this case, Pernix and we have a commissioning agent from the mainland. They’ll be monitoring and testing and making sure the turbine unit performs, as it should, said Perez.


A 2.1 million dollar grant makes the project possible from the department of interior according to Perez. He says this week will be spent making sure the turbine works properly even though it has been contributing to the grid.


“Well that’s what this pilot project basically does to gauge the viability in this part of Guam if other projects can be put on track to support that but its all part of gathering data, making sure we have consistent wind and tie ins to the grid and all that needs to be studied and further evaluated,” said Perez.


Perez says the tower is designed to go up and be taken down in an hour to prevent damage from typhoon force winds. The pilot project comes before the larger contract given to pacific green resources to produce both wind and solar energy for GPA. Back in late august, PGR said treasurer Donald Wen said they will not be able to meet the contractual march deadline to provide wind energy on Guam. CCU chairman Joey Duenas says that as of today, PGR has still not contacted him regarding the March deadline.