GPA Sends Aid to Assist Recovery Efforts in Saipan


GPA Acting GM Melinda Camacho says GPA has knowledge and experience with Typhoon damage recovery.

Guam – We can add GPA to the list of Guam agencies  lending a hand to our neighbors in Saipan after Typhoon Soudelor devastated the islands power plant.








Guam Power Authority acting General Manager Melinda Camacho says that GPA has sent over ten personnel to Saipan to assist with assessment of the power system, the generators and the downed power lines to help figure out the recovery process. GPA has had personnel in Saipan since Tuesday with plans to send more. Camacho says that in the next couple days GPA will be sending linemen, safety personnel, and generation experts to help pick up lines and poles and as well as help the island get their power system back online. Camacho says that Guam’s experience with typhoons will help them in assisting Saipan in recovering from this recent storm.





Theres a lot of knowledge gained from that we know our system and we know what it takes to restore,” said Camacho 


Guam does have a memorandum of agreement with Saipan consolidated utilities commission that allows Guam and Saipan to assist each other in the event of typhoons.