GPA Shuts Down Cabras Unit for Repair


There has still been no official word on what caused the Cabras 4 explosion. 

Guam – One of Guam’s main base load generators is shut down while GPA works to replace a damaged transformer.


The transformer was damaged during Typhoon Dolphin last year and since then Cabras Unit 1 has been putting out 42 megawatts to the island wide grid. With the new transformer, Cabras 1 is expected to boost its output to by 24 MW to 66 MW. GPA says Cabras 1 could be shut down for up to two weeks. But, the power agency is assuring the public that Guam still has enough electricity to meet peak demand. GPA says the Agrekko units in Yigo and both MEC units will take on most of the missing capacity. MEC General Manager Rino Manzano tells PNC that after Cabras 1 work is complete, both MEC units 8 and 9 will need major overhauls. Earlier this week, both Tanguisson and MEC unit 8 tripped offline triggering power outages in some villages. Meanwhile, it’s been almost a year since the explosions at Cabras 3 and 4 and the investigation into what caused the explosion is still ongoing. In an email statement, GPA general manager John Benavente says  “our insurance adjuster Greenspan and the property insurers continue to work on the evaluation of the Cabras 4 incident. There has still been no official word on what caused the Cabras 4 explosion.